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TCD/Coolmine Study finds: 72% of Coolmine clients remain drug free 2 years after treatment

TCD/Coolmine Study finds:  72% of Coolmine clients remain drug free 2 years after treatment   72% of Coolmine clients remain illicit drug-free two years after treatment   98% of clients were not engaged in criminal activity after 24-months   Client employment rose from 3% at intake to 25% after 24-months   Engagement in education rose from 2% at intake to 17% after 24-months   Significant improvements in all health outcomes, physical health, psychological health and quality of life   23% of clients reported acute housing problems two years after treatment   Coolmine’s female residential facility, ...

Anto’s Story

“My concept in Coolmine was: Believe in yourself, and everything is possible. My key-worker, Michelle, always told me that if you change your negativity around to the positive, you’ll do very well in life”.

Aoife’s Story

“I spent the first three weeks in Ashleigh detoxing and although it was physically and mentally draining it was made so much easier by the help and support of my peer in Ashleigh and the staff, especially the creche staff. I was able to go to groups and talk about what was going on for me while being safe in the knowledge that my child was being very well taken care of in a safe and secure environment that was only a few doors away”.