Community Employment Scheme

The aim of Community Employment is to enhance the employability and mobility of disadvantaged and unemployed persons by providing personal development, work experience and training opportunities for participants within their communities. In addition it helps long-term unemployed people re-enter the active workforce by breaking their experience of unemployment through a return to work routine. Coolmine Community Employment Scheme has 26 participants in total, (14 client and 12 non-client positions).

All CE Participants have a meaningful Role within Coolmine, to include: –
Administration, Reception, Horticulture, Maintenance, Literacy Support, Key-worker, Outreach Project Worker, Client Co-ordinator and Graduate Co-ordinator.
Client participation strategy

Building on our culture of mutual self-help, and peer support and based on recommendations made in the national drugs strategy 2009-2016, Coolmine operates a comprehensive client participation strategy. Overseen by a client participation coordinator
(an aftercare / graduate client C.E role) each of our services has a client representative that voices all of the concerns and ideas of the people actually using our service.

This strategy sees a client representative (and current service user) from each of our services attend a regular Client Forum to allow programme participants to :
• Report on local Client Participation Meetings
• Review Coolmine community issues
• Communicate changes in policy or operational procedures that effect clients .
• Formulate feedback and suggestions for Coolmine management and Board.