[columns] [column size=”third” last=”no”]Community and Day Services
19 Lord Edward Street,
Tel: 01 6794822
outreach@coolminetc.ie[/column] [column size=”third” last=”no”]Women’s Residential Programme
Ashleigh House,
Damastown Walk,
Damastown Industrial Estate
Dublin 15
Tel: 018251100 / 0879834542
e:outreach@coolminetc.ie[/column] [column size=”third” last=”yes”]Men’s Residential Programme
Coolmine Lodge,
Grove Road,
Dublin 15
Tel: 018214545 / 0879212727
e:outreach@coolminetc.ie[/column] [/columns] [hr style=”solid|dash|dot”] [columns] [column size=”third” last=”no”]Outreach and admissions
For further information on any of our programmes including our various day programmes, cocaine programme, family support etc., please contact our Outreach team on; 087 1229307
referral form word / pdf [/column] [column size=”third” last=”no”]Initial Contact / info group
There is an initial contact information session held every Tuesday at 2.30pm in Ana Liffey Drug Project,
51 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1.
Tel: 087 1229307[/column] [column size=”third” last=”yes”]Family Support
There is weekly support group for family members and loved ones of those struggling with addiction. Groups are held after 18.30 at Coolmine House & Coolmine Lodge.
Tel 087 1233208 for details on which evenings. We also offer CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach Family Therapy) support groups. Please contact: 01 6794822 to find out more[/column] [/columns] [hr style=”solid|dash|dot”] [columns] [column size=”third” last=”no”]Community Employment,
The Ringwood Centre,
Damastown Close,
Dublin 15
Tel: 01 8278903
e:linda@coolminetc.ie[/column] [column size=”third” last=”no”]Head Office, Finance & Administration
The Ringwood Centre,
Damastown Close,
Dublin 15
Tel: 018270003
e:info@coolminetc.ie[/column] [column size=”third” last=”yes”]Graduate Coordinator
Meetings are held every  alternate Tuesday  in either Coolmine House or Coolmine Lodge.
Tel 087 3294792 for more details.

Current Calendar is here

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