Day Services

Welcome Stabilisation Programme
The Welcome Programme is for people who are not yet drug free and looking for support to address their substance use. The programme runs from 10.30am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday and finishes at 1pm on Wednesdays. Clients engage in self-development workshops, 1:1 key working sessions, relapse prevention groups and various other therapeutic / educational programmes.

Drug Free Day Programme (DFDP)
The DFDP provides a supportive setting for our clients to build self-confidence and the skills to maintain a drug free life. It is a minimum of 10 months in duration; 5 months primary treatment and 5 months aftercare. Clients engage in open therapy groups, self-development workshops, 1:1 key working sessions, relapse prevention groups and various other therapeutic / educational programmes. The programme runs Monday to Friday, from 9-4, and finishes at 1pm on Wednesday. There are limited Community Detox placements available in collaboration with prescribing doctor.

Contingency Management (CM) Programme
The Contingency Management Programme consists of the reinforcement of desired behaviours. These are rewarded in the form of vouchers received for a combination of group attendance and drug-free urines. The programme is twelve weeks long with participants attending three times a week. The content of the programme is three supervised urines a week with a brief intervention at every meeting and a weekly facilitated support group.

Family Support
There is weekly support group for family members and loved ones of those struggling with addiction. The group takes place in Coolmine House, 19 Lord Edward Street, Thursdays from 6.45pm to 8.30pm.

We also offer CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach Family Therapy) support groups. This programme provides tools to concerned significant others (i.e. family members, partners etc.) to help motivate their loved ones with problematic substance use to access treatment. Please contact: 01 6794822 to find out more.

Cannabis/Mental Health Programme
This programme supports clients to reduce or cease their cannabis use. It is a 12 week programme that runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.30am to 1pm. The groups involve the Reduce the Use Programme, CRA and relaxation. The programme also offers 1:1 key-working sessions.

Community Alcohol Treatment Programme
Is you drinking causing:

  • Problems in your relationships
  • Problems in your work
  • Physical and mental health concerns
  • Legal concerns
  • Financial concerns
    Take the AUDIT questionnaire (AUDIT tool)

The Community Alcohol Treatment Programme (CATP) offers accessible and affordable treatment and support to those affected by problematic alcohol use. Based in Coolmine Lodge, Grove Road, Dublin 15 this programme uses a Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) and is delivered by an addiction counsellor, psychotherapist and nursing team.
You can self refer; we take referrals from other agencies eg. General Practitioners, Social Workers and hospitals. Please contact our Outreach Team on 087 122 9307.
Once contact has been made through Outreach we will organise a comprehensive assessment within 24-48 hours. If suitable, following completed assessment, you will be invited to attend the programme immediately.

The programme is for 20 weeks running every Tuesday and Friday 10am and 1pm. You participate in a therapeutic group work programme e.g. Communication Skills, Relapse Prevention, Coping Skills and Anger Management. Also, you will receive key-working sessions. Then you progress to Aftercare consisting of a weekly group.

Community Addiction Team Dublin 15 (D15 CAT)

The new D15 CAT service provides focused care pathways specifically to the local community in Dublin 15 impacted by problem substance use.  It includes treatment and rehabilitation support for adult men and women with problem substance use, contact and interventions to young people and adolescents at risk of experiencing problematic substance use, tailored support to members of ethnic and new communities impacted by problematic substance use and integrated family work to deliver whole family outcome.


  • Information and Support
  • Specific support for Young People
  • Cannabis Programme
  • Family Support
  • Alcohol Programme
  • Support for New Community members
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme
  • Support for all problematic substance use

Call 01 699 1078 Monday – Friday or drop in to our information
group held every Friday Morning at 11am and speak to a member
of the D15CAT team at 37A Porters Avenue, Coolmine Industrial Estate D15 X6XD

Alternatively, you can contact the Outreach Team on 087 122 9307