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Karen’s Story

“Working with Coolmine as a Nurse has impacted my professional career by understanding more clearly the struggles of addiction and how we as Nurses can help with these difficulties through our training and experience. Perceptions of the recovery path are clearer after working in his field for several years, as a professional one is trained to treat the holistic person and not have perceptions.

“My favourite thing about my role is working as part of a highly experienced Nursing Team each with their own specialities and years of experiences. Providing a high standard of Nursing care in a community setting whilst adhering to our professional guidelines. The positive feedback from clients is rewarding. Nursing colleagues’ perception of my Career have changed through sharing of knowledge and information of the success rates of Coolmine. Usually, they are surprised at the variety and different settings we work. The fact that we are the main coordinators for providing detox and health care needs on a daily basis 365 days a year.

“If people really knew the difficulties of addiction, family, health and homelessness they would understand better how clients are impacted. I have such high respect and admiration for those on their recovery journey. It is an inspiration working as a skilled Nursing Team in this environment.”

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