Lifelong Support

This programme offers continuous Lifelong support to those who have graduated from Coolmine TC, So whether you graduated from your programme yesterday or 20 years ago, you are more than welcome to join the group. 

It is run by graduates, for graduates who want to live life on life’s terms. Members can attend weekly peer support group meetings and, hold social events and fun activities once a month.  There is also a WhatsApp group chat accessible to all members of the group.

Recovery is a lifelong commitment and the doors of Coolmine are never closed to those struggling with sobriety. Support is always available. If you are a graduate and need support, you can contact the Graduate Coordinator to talk about what is happening for you in your life and arrange a meetup, one to one initially, with a peer member.

If you would like to join or attend one of the support groups to give some positive feedback and inspiration to those newly graduated, please contact Kevin, Graduate Co-Ordinator at 0857553340


TIME: Tuesday evening 7pm-9pm.

LOCATION: Coolmine House, 19 Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2