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Singer Damien Dempsey and former Republic of Ireland Manager Brian Kerr spent some time in Coolmine, delving into the incredible world of recovery and its transformative power. Together, they explored the profound impact it has on individual’s lives, their families, friends, and communities.

Watch the film which Hotpress have described as the “October Gig of the Month Award goes to the seisiún in the Coolmine Therapeutic Community presided over by Damien Dempsey.”

Nobody chooses addiction. Nobody intentionally sets out to compromise their physical and mental well-being. Nobody aims to cause unknowing pain and suffering for themselves and those around them.  Addiction takes control of a person’s life and can destroy lives.

But people do choose recovery.

Recovery enables people to regain control of their lives and work towards a positive future, repairing relationships, rebuilding trust, and enabling them to find new meaning and purpose.

  • Recovery is finding hope where you thought it didn’t exist.
  • Recovery is being a mom or dad to your children again.
  • Recovery is being part of a family.
  • Recovery is building better communities.

Join us to view this amazing short film which shares stories of resilience, hope, and transformation. These stories are truly inspiring, showcasing the strength of the human spirit and the positive impact of recovery.

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