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Volunteers & Student Placements

Coolmine has a long history in supporting volunteers and students. Volunteers and students come to Coolmine from a wide range of backgrounds with diverse interests and motivations, all of which help Coolmine deliver better services.

What do Volunteers and Student placements do?

Volunteers usually get involved in all aspects of project work, and sometimes support services like fund raising and administration. Students usually do a set number of hours or week in a given time to meet their course requirements. Volunteer generally work in one or more of the projects between half a day and three days per week depending on the time they have available.

Why Volunteer?

Some of the reasons our volunteers have given include the following: to do something they enjoy, to give back to their community, to make use of talents and abilities, to gain knowledge or learn new skills, to learn more about a career or profession as a possible career, to meet college course requirements or to act as a stepping stone into paid employment. What they all want to do is give some of their time, to help make a difference in the community and in their own lives.

Would you or someone you know like to help?

  • All application requests must be placed ahead of time
  • Please fill in a Volunteer Application Form or a Student Application Form.
  • The form must be returned by the school coordinator by email to info@coolminetc.ie
  • A brief interview to measure suitability & previous experience will be undertaken
  • Upon acceptance, induction will be conducted

Are there other ways I can get involved?