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Community Alcohol Programme (CAP)

Offers support to those affected by problematic alcohol use eg. those who drink heavily or on a regular basis and whose persistent drinking interferes with their health, relationships, employment or other key aspects of their lives.

Pre-entry is Thursday 10.30am-1pm. The Alcohol Programme runs for 20 weeks every Monday and Friday 11am-2pm and Wednesday 2pm-4pm. The programme consists of two groups per week, one peer led meeting, key working, and care planning and an Aftercare programme that runs on Thursday 7pm-8.30pm. The programme is run by our project workers along with the support of Coolmine’s nursing team who are on hand to liaise with your GP if necessary.

Week 1-10


  • Assigned key worker
  • Initial care plan
  • 5x Key working sessions
  • Progression needs identified in each key working session
  • Referred to appropriate services
  • Attended one AA/Life Ring meetings per week
  • Attend one social meeting with peers per week

Week 10-20


  • Review care plan with key worker
  • 5xKey working sessions
  • Minimum of two AA/Life Ring meetings per week
  • Progression route to aftercare identified
  • Social reintegration and employment/educational options explored
  • Preparation for graduation