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Asia Ashraf

The creation of a female-friendly women’s drug treatment and rehabilitation centre in Pakistan

Download Asia’s presentation here –> Asia-Ashraf.pdf

Doug Bond
Yes we can:

Integration of electronically surveilled prisoners, armed correctional officers in an amity free-world teaching and therapeutic community

Download Gary’s presentation here –> Doug-Bond.pdf

Gary Broderick
From service-user to social work examiner:

Not a bridge too far

Download Gary’s presentation here –> Gary-Broderick.pdf

Anne Dekkers
Addiction recovery in (former) cocaine dependent individuals:

Personal perspectives and experiences

Download Anne’s presentation here –> Anne-Dekkers.pdf

Aoife Dermody
Trauma among women substance users and implications for services:

Research from Limerick

Download Aoife’s presentation here –> Aoife-Dermody.pdf

Paul Donnelly
Is (re)building connections with family both a hope on entering and an outcome on completing a residential rehabilitation programme for addiction within a therapeutic community?

Download Aoife’s presentation here –> Paul-Donnelly.pdf

David Madden
Art therapy, women and trauma in a therapeutic community

Download David’s presentation here –>  David-Madden.pdf

Umberto Nizzoli
Food Addiction as a paradigm to understanding and treating SUD-ED

Download Umberto’s presentation here –>  Umberto-Nizzoli.pdf

Gary Winship
Homeliness, Hope and Humour (the 3Hs)

The ingredients for creating a therapeutic milieu in prisons.

Download Gary’s presentation here –>  Gary-Winship.pdf