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Methadone Detox

We offer a methadone detoxification as part of the residential and day services . This is overseen by our nursing team working with your community prescriber.
Referrals for methadone detoxification are taken from the individual, GPs, Hospitals, Social Workers and other agencies.

There is an information session every Tuesday afternoon at 2.30PM in the Ana Liffey Drug Project at 51 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1.

Contact outreach team on 087 1229307
The maximum entry dose for methadone is 40mls/daily.

Coolmine housing resettlement service offers advice and information to clients in our community and day services, as well as an advocacy and support service.

Clients are also empowered and supported to developed independent living skills in key areas.

The most commonly reported withdrawal symptoms by our clients are:

General aches and pains

Difficulty sleeping

Restless legs

Managing withdrawals:

Reviewed every day by Coolmine nurse

Advice and support on managing symptoms

Mild painkillers if needed

Optmising health and wellbeing

Community support from other clients

Staff support