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Weekly Group Therapy

Educational Groups

Educational groups encourage personal growth, provide work-related skills training, teach the group process, and include:

  • Personal growth groups to teach participants how to explore concepts in an intellectual or conversational format
  • TC job skills groups to teach participants about specific jobs required in the TC and the proper way to perform these jobs
  • Clinical skills groups to teach new participants how to use group process tools via simulated or mock encounter groups
  • Life skills groups to teach specific skills that participants need to succeed in mainstream society
  • Re-entry groups (e.g. Step-down) to prepare participants to move back into the community.

Clinical Groups

Concern Groups:

To help raise participants awareness of their self-defeating behaviours and attitudes.

Open Groups:

Space for community members to address issues which may be affecting the community as a whole, or any other issues which may be relevant or important.

Clan Groups:

Typically, each staff member is assigned a number of clients as a caseload; these clients form Clan Group and meet weekly to discuss more sensitive or personal issues in a small group format. This is a space normally reserved for reading and exploring and individuals life story.

Peer Groups:

Group meetings which are facilitated by the TC members without staff. These groups allow community members to speak freely about personal issues.

Anger Management:

Workshops are held weekly using a Cognitive Behavioral Approach and runs for 12 weeks. All participants receive a Coolmine certificate of completion.