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EWODOR 2014European Working Group on Drugs Oriented Research

Coolmine Therapeutic Community (TC) would like to thank all delegates who participated in the recent European Working Group on Drugs Orientated Research (EWODOR) in Trinity College Dublin 22-23 May 2014 past.
Over 100 national and international delegates took part in the 15th International Symposium on Substance Abuse Treatment. The symposium listened to topics on the changing drinking and drug-taking culture in Ireland and the need for treatment to adapt to changes. Speakers presented research on the need to use evidence-based methods for working with the increasing number of people with substance misuse issues who are homeless and/or suffer from mental health difficulties.In summary, conference proceedings highlighted that the provision of therapeutic services for people overcoming addictions is in need of urgent attention and refinement. The research presented recognises the diverse requirements of women, particularly mothers, those with complex needs such as homelessness, mental illness, and incarceration, according to international experts and academics at the 15th International Symposium on Substance Abuse Treatment.Ms Pauline McKeown, Chief Executive of Coolmine TC said that research findings and presentations from the group of experts, pointed to the need for service providers to refine their therapies to accommodate issues of gender and diversity.

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Damien320Singer Damien Dempsey becomes ambassador for Coolmine

The internationally renowned singer, Damien Dempsey, has announced that he has become an ambassador for the Coolmine Therapeutic Community in Dublin.
Damien said that the great work carried out by the staff and volunteers at Coolmine had helped thousands of people, with drug and alcohol addiction, to find their way out of these addictions and get back into society.
“Having visit the community and performed at some of their graduation events, I have witnessed the emotion and the sense of achievement of those who complete the therapy. I want people to know that there is help available for those struggling with drugs.
“As ambassador for this great community, I hope I can encourage those fighting their addictions to seek out the help offered by Coolmine. I am honoured to have met such brave people who have come through the therapy and got their lives back,” Damien said.
Since his first live outings in the mid-1990s, Damien Dempsey has been has been attracting huge audiences to his concerts across the world and his spiritual and soulful music continues to be in demand.            more

MC 2012The Annual AR2012-Front Report 2012AR2012-Front

Coolmine would like to thank Matt Cooper's continued support as we highlighted changing trends and our work with over 1,000 people to support them and their families in overcoming their addiction. This was achieved despite increased demands for our services and decreased funding from the State. Click here to download a copy of the report.


Coolmine Graduations

Coolmine celebrated the achievement of 25 more people who have joined the many graduates from our programme over the last 40 years. It was a great night and we would like to thank the Draoicht for the facilities, all the families, friends, volunteers, and staff who made the night special. The entertainment after the graduation was a brief excerpt by the Coolmine drama group from their interpretation of Romeo and Juliet followed by Eoin Coughlan & Paddy Casey.

A special thank you to Eoin and Paddy for a superb set and fantastic finish to the evening.

Do not forget the graduate gathering coming soon. Graduates can join the event on facebook


MS-Paint-SM Minister Visits the Coolmine créche

Two of the children in the créche are joined by Minister White in a painting class while the mothers are undergoing group therapy or attending stepdown and day programmes. The créche provides a safe enviroment and is the only facility of it's kind in Ireland which provides care for the children of mothers attending addiction services. It also provides facilities to clients who have progressed to CE schemes so they can return to work with a nominal outlay for child care fees. Coolmine would love to enable more clients in this way but state funding reductions are making this goal more difficult to achieve. if you want to help why not become a Friend of Coolmine or go to the fundraise section.

Our Thanks to the Minister, the mothers and the children for making this day a happy one.

COOLMINE THERAPEUTIC 40TH ANNIV MX-5President Celebrates Coolmine's 40th

Friday 17th May 2013: President Michael D Higgins visited Coolmine Therapeutic Community on its 40th anniversary.

While there, the President heard that community therapy was required now, more than ever, to help the growing number of people in Ireland struggling to overcome drug or alcohol addiction and how Coolmine’s success rate with clients exceeded the national average.

Ms Pauline McKeown, Chief Executive said that Coolmine had experienced a steady increase in the number of people seeking help to stay off drugs and fit back into society.

“We are currently helping around 1,000 people from all over Ireland every year. While we have come a long way since our first client joined us in 1973, the demand for our services has increased.

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Coolmine Therapeutic Community

Coolmine Therapeutic Community

The therapeutic community model is a treatment and rehabilitation approach where clients live in small structured drug-free communities. The goal is to encourage psychological and lifestyle changes to enable people to maintain a drug-free existence. The treatment approach is based on peer support, and participants are expected to contribute to the general running of the community, and to their own recovery, by actively participating in educational activities and in group and individual therapy.

Therapeutic Communities (TC) are designed to foster change and positive growth in their clients, emphasising group work and the taking of personal responsibility within a highly structured environment.

The focus is on offering a holistic approach to dealing with addiction which means that in addition to dealing with the person in recovery, support is also provided for their friends and family thereby creating a strong social network to help them succeed. Coolmine is the oldest therapeutic community in Ireland, 2013 will see Coolmine achieve 40 years providing services that help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction throughout Ireland.


If you are looking for information on the 15th International EWODOR Symposium, Gender and Diversity  click here