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 January Graduation

On Tuesday the 20th of January Minister Varadkar attended Coolmine TC’s client graduation ceremony as their special guest and announced how the Department of Health will be investing €100k into Ireland’s only Mother & Child residential addiction treatment service.

Graduation ceremonies are annual events in the Coolmine calendar, which see men and women from all over Ireland receiving certificates for their achievements in completing Coolmine’s 12 month programme in overcoming addiction.
One third of graduates on the night hailed from Coolmine’s Mother & Child service, Ashleigh House, which Leo Varadkar, Minister for Health, visited in November to see firsthand this unique service. Ashleigh House has a constant waiting list of 8-10 mothers trying to access this service therefore the expansion of the service through the Department of Health’s funding will expand capacity to facilitate up to an additional 10 mothers and their children each year, therefore alleviating the waiting list.


RTN-s-Beach tonemappeds

Recovery through Nature

Coolmine’s Recovery through Nature (RtN) Project was set up in May 2014 and sees a project worker and horticulturist take service users out once a week into nature rich settings to engage them in practical conservation work as part of a therapeutic team away from our usual treatment settings and into a natural, outdoor environment. Not only are the clients engaging in a new treatment method but they are also giving back to society. To date our clients have volunteered over 2,000 hours on a variety of projects including Dublin City Councils biodiversity project on Bull Island, Wicklow National Parks service, Fingal County Council, Tolka Partnership and more.

This innovative programme has improved our client retention rates to 82% which we are delighted to report on. If you are interested in learning more about this programme please contact Jennifer Donovan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Damien320 Singer Damien Dempsey becomes ambassador for Coolmine

The internationally renowned singer, Damien Dempsey, has announced that he has become an ambassador for the Coolmine Therapeutic Community in Dublin.

Damien said that the great work carried out by the staff and volunteers at Coolmine had helped thousands of people, with drug and alcohol addiction, to find their way out of these addictions and get back into society. “Having visit the community and performed at some of their graduation events, I have witnessed the emotion and the sense of achievement of those who complete the therapy.

I want people to know that there is help available for those struggling with drugs.

“As ambassador for this great community, I hope I can encourage those fighting their addictions to seek out the help offered by Coolmine. I am honoured to have met such brave people who have come through the therapy and got their lives back,”

Damien said. Since his first live outings in the mid-1990s, Damien Dempsey has been has been attracting huge audiences to his concerts across the world and his spiritual and soulful music continues to be in demand


P-atStP515Coolmine Graduation

Last September we held our second graduation in the stunning venue of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. Thanks to everyone for making the night magnificent. Well done to the graduates and their families. As Damien put it, "Some powerful emotions were shared". He followed the graduation with a wonderful selection of songs and coerced Paul Hatton to perform too, never speechless even after his award for being invaluable and instrumental within Coolmine for the last 30 years. The night concluded with Damien "We grow strong", and together, tonight, we showed....we do.    


2013 Annual Review

We helped over 1,000 clients with their addiction problems in 2013, and are calling on all stakeholders to refine the treatment for women and an increase in adequate housing options for those finishing treatment. 63% of the women worked with in Coolmine Ashleigh House, the only mother and childcare facility in Ireland, representing 24 children, were homeless or inadequately housed after completing their residential treatment in 2013.

Findings from our longitudinal study further highlight that 23% of all clients were in acute housing need at 24 month follow up period with many families struggling to look after young children and babies in poor accommodation. This is a cause of great concern for Coolmine into the future, given the current Irish housing crisis; we can predict increased levels of homelessness and relapse.  Download our 2013 Annual Review .

Cover reducedWill you become a "Friend" of Coolmine?

So what does our ‘Friends’ campaign mean?  It means that you are making a monthly finanical committment to Coolmine by signing a standing order.  The money from this campaign allows us to diversify our efforts and provide services we wouldn't have funding for such as the Recovery through Nature, Career Guidance, Alcohol Treatment Programme, equipment, laundry repairs etc.

By becoming a Friend of Coolmine you are supporting a vital service which will help transform the lives of the people we assist and their families. For everyone person caught up in the torment of addiction at least eight other people's lives are affected; children, parents, partners, brothers, sisters, friends...Please click here to download a Friends of Coolmine flyer.

Please, now more than ever we need the help of all our Friends.

Coolmine Therapeutic Community

Coolmine Therapeutic Community

The therapeutic community model is a treatment and rehabilitation approach where clients live in small structured drug-free communities. The goal is to encourage psychological and lifestyle changes to enable people to maintain a drug-free existence. The treatment approach is based on peer support, and participants are expected to contribute to the general running of the community, and to their own recovery, by actively participating in educational activities and in group and individual therapy.

Therapeutic Communities (TC) are designed to foster change and positive growth in their clients, emphasising group work and the taking of personal responsibility within a highly structured environment.

The focus is on offering a holistic approach to dealing with addiction which means that in addition to dealing with the person in recovery, support is also provided for their friends and family thereby creating a strong social network to help them succeed. Coolmine is the oldest therapeutic community in Ireland, since 1973 we have provided services that help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction.


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