Coolmine Therapeutic Community


The therapeutic community model is a treatment and rehabilitation approach where clients live in small structured drug-free communities. The goal is to encourage psychological and lifestyle changes to enable people to maintain a drug-free existence. The treatment approach is based on peer support, and participants are expected to contribute to the general running of the community, and to their own recovery, by actively participating in educational activities and in group and individual therapy.

Therapeutic Communities (TC) are designed to foster change and positive growth in their clients, emphasising group work and the taking of personal responsibility within a highly structured environment.

The focus is on offering a holistic approach to dealing with addiction which means that in addition to dealing with the person in recovery, support is also provided for their friends and family thereby creating a strong social network to help them succeed. Coolmine is the oldest therapeutic community in Ireland, since 1973 we have provided services that help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction.