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Charles’ Story

“I have been fortunate enough to be involved with Coolmine for 10 years. I get great pleasure every day by being part of an organisation whose values are in line with my own.

“This is displayed by staff who are expertly trained and highly skilled which leads to our clients receiving excellent care through our many interventions.

“Fundamental to the Therapeutic Community is an alliance between the staff and clients ensuring a collaborative approach to treatment. This coupled with the TC peer led approach where clients learn from each other, challenge each other and support each other in their common purpose of recovery. It warms my heart to witness and play a small part in both individual growth and the growth of the organisation.

“I get to work along side some amazing highly skilled and dedicated people with passion and drive to support each other and our clients. As staff we support, mentor, guide and coach each other. This makes Coolmine feel like a very nurturing environment me as a staff member.”

“Believe in yourself that anything is possible.”

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