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Peter’s Story

“My time spent working in Coolmine was the beginning of my career working with people through their recovery from addiction. Coolmine is a special place that I will always have love for. I worked there for five years, beginning in 2015.

“I began on an internship as a Medical Administrator and during my time in Coolmine, I had so many opportunities presented to me by the Nurse Manager, Julie Walsh, and other staff members. I gained experience working with groups and even facilitated the Alcohol Programme which was held in Blanchardstown library at the time. I received lots of training in Coolmine such as Dual Diagnosis, CRA and TC training which greatly enhanced my skills and perspective on addiction and recovery.

“My work in Coolmine helped me to grow on a personal level through talking with service users, hearing their story, observing their journey, and witnessing them finding their own strengths to transform their lives. I continue to be inspired by the service users and staff of Coolmine.

“Coolmine was always like a second home to me. It was a place where I always felt like I belonged and still do. The staff were and still are like family to me. I continue to be surrounded by people who always want the best for me. I have made lifelong genuine friends who continue to guide me on a professional level.

“In Coolmine, I was directed to a Level 7 Diploma in Drugs and Alcohol Work in Urrus Ballymun/ UCD. I completed this and progressed to a Level 8 (Honours) Degree in Social Science in UCD which I completed in 2020. During my studies, the staff in Coolmine were very supportive and I would have been at a loss without their support and reassurance. All the staff in Coolmine are well educated so I was able to go to them if I was finding challenges in my studies. I will always be grateful for that support as I now have a Diploma and a Degree. I plan to do a Masters and hopefully a PhD someday.

“I am now working as a Case Manager in Chrysalis Community Drug Project in Manor Street, Dublin 7 where I get to continue the work that I have become so passionate about, with more great people with high levels of expertise and experience from whom I continue to learn from.

“As a result of my time in Coolmine, I learned that addiction is a matter of life and death. Some are lucky enough to get into a programme or a fellowship and find recovery. I have witnessed some people genuinely believe that they could use drugs or drink alcohol one more time successfully and then not make it back. Recovery has a lot to offer, and it has many rewards. One needs to only want it, put the work in, and do the right things and the right things will indeed happen.”

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