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Justinah’s Story

“I have been working in Coolmine for almost 4 years and to me the most interesting things about Coolmine are:-

  • Collaboration – everyone shares the same vision and are dedicated to the mission and values of the organisation.
  • Good leadership & good company culture.
  • Alignment between personal and company values.
  • Different challenges that support daily growth

“I enjoy work-life balance. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job, I appreciate autonomy and daily challenges that have helped my Personal & professional development and growth. I’m happy to be contributing to a larger purpose. I love the spirit of oneness in my team. Everyone loves helping each other.

“I look forward to work because of my team who are passionate about their jobs and are clients centered & oriented. I also look forward to ensuring everyone is supported and developed in all areas of HR so that they can deliver in their roles.

“There have been varieties of work and people and I have acquired so many relevant skills and experience, which is an added advantage to my career growth and personal development. Also, my mentality about addiction has changed. Before now I thought drug addiction is a death sentence and anyone engulfed in the act may not be able to come out and be productive again, but I realised recovery is possible in Coolmine. Having a forward-thinking, supportive company that realizes every human being are valuable and they can recover from their old state of health really changed my perception about addiction. Now I know life can be restored.

“From working with Coolmine I’ve also experienced personal and professional development. I have attended many trainings, have participated in different mentoring & coaching sessions. I’ve also had the opportunity to be a member of different institutes and networks within the sector and outside.

“Addiction can shorten life span, destroy destiny and expose the society to unrest while recovery restores life, family, hope and peace in the community and the best & safe place for such recovery is Coolmine Therapeutic Community where we hired specialist, qualified therapists, counsellors and staff that believes in restoring hopes to every individual that struggles with substance use.”

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