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Alan Connolly

A former General Manager of Irish Public Bodies Mutual Insurances Ltd, Alan is ...

Eddie Matthews

Eddie has been a CTC Board member since 2012. Before retiring in June 2011, ...

Carthage Conlon

Carthage Conlon is a Partner in the firm of O’Mara Geraghty McCourt Solicit...

Dick Brady

Dick Brady has been on the board of Coolmine Therapeutic Community since 2011. ...

Dr Sarah Morton

Dr Sarah Morton is the Director of the Community Drug Programme in the School ...

Dr Mary Galvin

Dr. Mary Galvin is a research fellow in the Trinity Centre for Practice & ...
Emma Farrell

Emma Farrell

Emma is steeped in the creative world, specialising in media and TV industries, ...
Billy Carr

Billy Carr

Billy was appointed as a Board member in March 2020. From Cork, Billy has ...

Patricia Doherty

Patricia has over thirty years’ experience as an Executive Manager in St. ...
Jim McKeon

Jim McKeon

Jim is a Chartered Accountant and has a BA in French and Philosophy from UCD ...



Coolmine became fully compliant with The Governance Code as a Type C organisation in May 2015.

The Governance Code is based on five main principles.

  1. Leading our organisation
  2. Exercising control over our organisation
  3. Being transparent and accountable
  4. Working effectively
  5. Behaving with integrity


Coolmine is strong on governance and became fully compliant with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary and Charitable Sector in Ireland as a Type C organisation in May 2015. Compliance with the Code is continuously reviewed and reported on at every Board meeting.

Governance in Coolmine is assured, inter alia, through a strong board, continuous review of compliance with the Code of Governance, regular communication, Board sub-committees on Finance, Audit & Risk, the Clinical Advisory Group and the Client Forum.  Our Clinical Advisory Group oversees best practice in daily clinical work across all services and is led by our clinical lead, Dr Joanne Fenton. The Client Forum, as part of the Coolmine client participation strategy, provides an opportunity for clients to discuss issues affecting them as participants in the project, for problem-solving and suggesting improvements. The meetings also provide a key hub for information exchange between management and clients.

CCQI accreditation has been awarded for the highest clinical service standards in both Ashleigh House and Coolmine Lodge, by the Royal College of Psychiatry.

Coolmine’s Board has a minimum of seven voluntary directors. Annually, two Board directors retire from office based on longest serving membership. As per Coolmine Protocol for Directors, the term of office for a Board Director is three years, with an option for reappointment for a second office term at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Directors are recruited based on the skills and expertise they can bring to the Board and subsequently to the work and ethos of the organisation. Following an induction process, inclusive of site visits, all new Board members sign a code of conduct which sets out their role and required considerations for their term of office.  The main duties of the Board include the overall strategic management of the business, setting the organisational vision, overseeing the annual operating budgets, review of service activity, annual risk review and ensuring effective governance.

The Coolmine Board meets four times per year. Additionally, there are three Board standing committees with membership for 2017 is as follows.

  • Finance

Jim McKeon (Chair), Pauline McKeown (Chief Executive), Paul Donnelly (Head of Finance & Support Services),

  • Audit and Risk

Patricia Doherty (Chair), Eddie Mathews (Board), Sean Hosford (Board), Pauline McKeown (Chief Executive), Paul Donnelly (Head of Finance & Support Services), Seamus Dillon (Co-Optee)

  • Clinical Advisory Group

Dr Joanne Fenton (Chair & Clinical Governance lead), Anita Harris (Secretary), Jo-Hanna Ivers (TCD), Suzi Lyons (HRB), Mark Kennedy (MQI), Paul Hatton (Continuing Care Manager),  Amy Roche (Head of Services), Lisa Larkin (Residential Services Manager) Julie Walsh (Nurse Team Lead) Coolmine Client Co-ordinator, Coolmine Staff representative.

Ad-hoc working groups – 2015

  • Chief Executive Performance; Alan Connolly, Siobhán McGee, Dick Brady
  • Review of Chief Executive Job Description; Sean Hosford
  • Review of Fundraising and the Support Services Manager role; Eddie Mathews and Siobhán McGee
  • Board Skills and Board Succession Plan review 2015 -2018; Siobhán McGee

In 2015 the Board initiated a review of Board skills bearing in mind retirements and director rotation.

In 2015 an evaluation of Board performance was commissioned through the Institute of Public Administration and was delivered to Board in early 2016.

Strategic Plan 2016-201

All key actions in the plan are owned by a manager or project worker. Our Strategic Plan Implementation Group (SPIG) is comprised of client, staff and management members who meet every six weeks to monitor progress of the Plan. The Chief Executive reports to every Board meeting on its implementation.



Coolmine is committed to implementing and has signed up to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. The statement provides Irish charities with good practice standards for fundraising. It was developed after extensive consultation with industry experts and stakeholders including charities, non-profit organisations, legal and financial advisors, donors and academics. The Principles were drawn up by the ICTR (Irish Charities Tax Research Ltd) and supported by the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs

The Statement aims to:


  • Improve the way charities in Ireland raise their funds.
  • Promote accountability and transparency among charities.
  • Provide clarity and assurances to donors about the organisation they support.


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