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Parents Under Pressure

The Parents Under Pressure (PuP) program is a parenting program specifically developed for families who are facing multiple adversities including parental substance abuse, mental health problems, family conflict and severe financial stress. 

The over arching aim of the PuP program is to help parents develop positive and secure relationships with their children. Within this strengthbased approach, the family environment becomes more nurturing and less conflictual. As the quality of the caregiving relationship improves, parents are able to focus on developing family routines and processes that are age appropriate for their infants and children. Parents and children learn how to regulate emotions and children are given the opportunity to learn additional self regulation skills.

Supporting Our Clients as Parents

The PUP programme aims to improve your relationship with your child/children.  It does so by allowing you to explore any pressures you experience as a parent and develops a clear plan regards managing these.  Participating in PUP will allow you to have a look at your own emotional regulation and how this supports your child with developing their own skills.  There is great focus on how to be emotionally available for your child/children and you will see how doing this makes parental life  more manageable!

An Online Training Model for 2020 

Training and Clinical Supervision: A Model of Applied Learning 

The training and clinical supervision model used by the Parents under Pressure (PuP) program is an applied learning model in which practitioners are provided with initial 2-days of training and then ongoing support across 8 – 12 months. 

Our current model is as follows: Training and Supervision Schedule

Initial training

  • Day 1: seminars across 5 hours
  • Day 2: seminars across 5 hours 

Followup Case Review Seminars 

  • Month 1: seminar 3-4 hours
  • Month 2: seminar 3-4 hours 
  • Month 4: seminar 3-4 hours or combine (Month 4 and Month 6 as a face-to-face training depending on COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Month 6: seminar 2 hours
  • Month 8: seminar 5 hours
  • Month 12: Development Day (an optional extra and face-to-face planned)

The training and clinical supervision costs are €1,000 per therapist. Every 7th place is provided as a complimentary place.


In order to become an Accredited PuP therapist each trainee is required to show competence in the PuP model by working with three families. These families can be existing clients although we strongly recommend that at least one family is new to the service to allow for assessment skills to be consolidated. The PuP practitioner completes one case study using our existing PuP Case Study Template. This provides an opportunity to demonstrate

  1. an understanding of the PuP assessment process, 
  2. how this assessment knowledge is used to set shared goals with the family and 
  3. ways in which these goals can be achieved using the PuP program.

The PuP program can be delivered to families in their home, in a community or residential setting. Each family is worked with individually. If there are two parents or more than two carers, e.g., grandparents, then we advise working with the family as a team. The PuP Group program is intended to compliment the individual case work and is best seen as an additional resource for parents who may benefit from attending a group. The PuP Group program has been run agencies such as a drug and alcohol residential treatment service.

Enquiries about training can be directed to bernadette.ogrady@coolminetc.ie