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Coolmine calls for critical investment in the futures of people supported through addiction and homeless services. This will save lives.

Coolmine Therapeutic Community (‘Coolmine’) seeks investment of €1.6m annually and a once off Capital Investment of €2m to fund the following actions to safeguard health and homeless service delivery, save lives as well as ultimately reduce longer term exchequer funding:

1. €285k in 2023 to align into HSE payscale and thereafter increasing with pay inflation

  • The biggest risk to attracting and retaining highly skilled, qualified and experienced staff for the incredibly challenging work we carry out is that they are offered roles with better terms and conditions externally. To continue to deliver the excellent outcomes that we do, we must align pay and other conditions to that of equivalent grades in the HSE.

2. €985k for full cost recovery on service delivery

  • We need to address the historic underfunding in our East Region services (€360k) which have been subsidised by unrestricted funds over the years and resulting in the organisation not being able to maintain a ‘rainy day fund’
  • Provide adequate and sustainable multi-annual funding agreements between the HSE and the organisation that reflects the full cost of service delivery and accounts for increases in inflation.
  • Ensure full recovery of costs in the recently launched Limerick residential facility which is expected to be at full capacity next year (€350k)
  • Recognises and provides for the necessary costs of back office support in an increasingly regulated environment (e.g. Compliance, Procurement, HR, quality assurance) to ensure compliance with governance/ regulatory requirements (€220k).
  • Fund increases in energy costs (€55k)

3. €330k to fund community Parents under Pressure (PuP) therapists to support over 250 high risk families impacted by addiction in Irish society nationally.

To fund the provision of 6 PuP therapists and a Team Leader which research shows can make a real difference in breaking the cycle of addiction

4. €2m investment in converting dormitory style accommodation in Coolmine Lodge (Men’s residential facility) to single occupancy rooms

Following the Covid pandemic and in line with current best practice, dormitory accommodation is no longer considered by Coolmine to be fit for purpose. Coolmine are required to convert to Single Room Occupancy while continuing to provide the same level of service to current and future clients.

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