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Welcome/Stabilisation Programme

The Welcome Programme is for people who are not yet drug-free and looking for support to address their substance use. The programme runs from 10.30am-3.30pm, Monday to Friday and finishes at 1pm on Wednesdays. Clients engage in self-development workshops, 1:1 key working sessions, relapse prevention groups and various other therapeutic/educational programmes.

Weekly Schedule


01. Weeks 1-4

  • Assigned a Big Brother/Sister.
  • Initial Care Plan.
  • 2x key-working sessions.
  • Linked in with Housing Support Worker.
  • Identify medical needs and link in with appropriate services.
  • Identify Treatment Options
  • Stability Achieved (Clients wishing to progress to Phase 2)


02. Weeks 4-8

  • 2x key-working Sessions.
  • Consistent attendance and participation on the Welcome Programme.
  • Referral to the appropriate agency (This may be done in Phase 1 depending on Client needs and initial care plan).
  • Big Brother/Sister Role for new Clients.
  • Supervised Urines.
  • Contact made with Nurse, G.P. and Detox/Treatment plan in place.
  • Attending external fellowship Meetings. C.A. A.A. N.A.


03. Weeks 8-12

  • 2x Key-working sessions.
  • Stability Maintained.
  • Supervised Urines.
  • Progression routes clearly established and referral work is done.
  • Exit Care Plan.
  • Graduation Ceremony – Family and supporting service providers to be invited.
  • An interim phase for clients who have completed 12-week programme and awaiting a Detox place, residential treatment or bridging placement.