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Coolmine believes that everyone should have the opportunity to overcome addiction and lead a fulfilled and productive life. On Wednesday, May 15th we launched our new 2019-2022 strategic plan, ‘Pathways to Recovery 2019- 2022’. As part of this new action plan, we have five main goals which are:

1. Improve our core services: Creating, enhancing and sustaining pathways for individuals and families impacted by problem substance use requires some basic outcomes and supports. This strategic priority shall deliver appropriate housing, access to career guidance, education and employment opportunities as well as case management for high risk families back in their local community.

2. Introduce new services: Recent prevalence research tells us that illegal drug use in Ireland is increasing. Cannabis, prescription drugs including anti-depressants and alcohol use are increasing. Demand for support and treatment access in Coolmine far exceeds availability. This strategic priority shall deliver 40 additional high risk family placements nationally, provide an additional 20% treatment placements for prisoners and regionally develop assertive in-reach to support individuals and their families in their community.

3. Drive engagement: Internally and externally, Coolmine is committed to evidencing the impact of our work and developing our staff to be innovative and strong in their performance. We shall continue to innovate to ensure all management are participating in leadership development and 88% of all staff, at minimum, are satisfied in their work/role. Annually, we shall raise our national profile through the delivery of position papers and academic publications that inform sound and evidence based social policy.

4. Fund for the future: During the course of our last strategic plan 2016-2019, Coolmine innovated to respond to presenting client and their family’s needs. This was from within our limited resources, and resultant from staff flexibility, drive and commitment. Coolmine now need to generate resources for any service adaption and growth. This includes delivery of 7% unrestricted annual income and 2% annual capital investment for our facilities.

5. Delivering excellence: Governance, audit and an environment of learning and continual improvement has been the most significant outcome from our last strategic plan period. Building on this solid foundation we shall complete and deliver annual compliance reviews, a schedule of audit and risk programmes as well as build further our IT and finance systems and processes. This shall safeguard and monitor our corporate governance excellence and ensure the best possible service is delivered to our clients and their families.

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