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Happy International Women’s Day!

Ashleigh house is the only residential centre in Ireland, currently, where pregnant women and mothers and their children can live in safety and support while the female clients receive treatment. 

There is significant social stigma experienced by people with problem substance use. This intensifies for women, who usually have the added social pressure of being care-takers and the primary parent for children. Shame, fear of judgment and the additional fear of losing their children can frequently prevent women from seeking treatment.

Furthermore, one of the most crucial parts of sustained recovery is access to safe and appropriate housing but too often women find themselves in the situation where they must turn down a one bedroom house because they have children. 

But Tusla will not support them with a definite date for the return of their children until they have housing so they are stuck in an impossible Catch 22 situation which can lead to them returning to dangerous housing situations.

Coolmine pledges to work always to give for women affected by addiction, homelessness, stigma and prejudice a better and more hopeful future free from addiction.

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