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A joint paper from Merchants Quay Ireland, Coolmine Therapeutic Community and Depaul.

No one service can meet the diverse needs of the service users who are homeless and/or who use drugs. As Section 39s, Merchants Quay, Coolmine and Depaul have strong collaborations, share information and work together to meet the existing and emerging needs of those who need our help and support. Working together is key to improving access to housing, health, and social outcomes for those who use our services.

In this context, we decided to come together to submit this paper to Government to highlight the positive outcomes because of the response to the pandemic across the voluntary and statutory sectors. But also, to highlight the continuing and complex needs of our service users as we work together to reopen the country and as we look further ahead into the future.

Across the three organisations, services are provided within a continuity of care and support ranging from high support accommodation to health & harm reduction services to residential & community detox/treatment services to those marginalised in society with very complex needs.

Read the full report below:


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