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Coolmine Therapeutic Community’s Continuing Care Manager, Paul Hatton is celebrating 39 years with the organisation on Wednesday 30th September. To celebrate, Paul will be completing St. Kevin’s Way Walk in Wicklow on Friday 9th October. This is 30 kilometres (19 miles) long walk, beginning in the village of Hollywood, crossing the Wicklow Gap, and ending at the remains of the medieval monastery in Glendalough. Wicklow based, Paul’s passion is the therapeutic community model and he continues to inspire Coolmine’s clients, graduates and staff.

Covid–19 radically affected our Fundraising plans for 2020. All planned events and Community fundraising like church gate collections and supermarket bag packing were postponed from mid-March with a major loss of budgeted fundraising income. The outlook for the remainder of the year in hosting events and undertaking collections are at best uncertain given the social distancing provisions;  but our services at Coolmine need to keep running.

Your donation will help Paul and Coolmine to keep providing our life changing services and we are incredibly grateful for your support.

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