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Westbourne House

Westbourne House provides a nurturing, holistic, safe and person-centred environment for women to address the difficulties and issues they have faced in addiction. The programme is based on empowering women to change the behaviours that have led and supported them in their addiction, and to develop the skills and positive behaviours that will support them in a substance free life of recovery.

Westbourne House is the second mother and child programme in the country, Coolmine Ashleigh House was the first. Westbourne House provides a range of evidence-based practices to support clients including The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Case Management and Parenting under Pressure (PUP).

One of the biggest traumatic events for a mother is the possibility of being separated from their children. Having opened in May 2022 in Limerick, our childcare programme is accessible to all mums partaking in the residential programme. Support, guidance and advice, through both staff and the PUP programme, is provided where needed, so mums don’t feel isolated.

The childcare programme in our dedicated creche in Westbourne House is accessible to all parents partaking in the programme. Mothers can feel safe in the knowledge that their children are being cared for at their various stages of development in a safe, secure, nurturing and caring environment, while they are able to focus on their own addiction support needs for the duration of their residency.

Westbourne house operates from inter-agency approach to enhance outcomes for clients impacted by problematic use in the Mid-West, also providing families with the tools they may need to support their loved one’s in their recovery.

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