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Chairman’s Foreword:

Coolmine’s Vision is clear. We believe that abstinence is not enough. Coolmine’s board members, management and staff are committed to a vision of recovery where everyone has the opportunity to overcome addiction and live a fulfilled and productive life. In practical terms this means not only creating pathways to high quality treatment but also developing recovery capital for individuals and their families, enabling effective reintegration into the community.

As we enter our 50th year, we know that there is an increase in the number of people experiencing problematic substance use. There is an increasing demand for our services. There is evidence indicating a relationship between area-based disadvantage and problem drug and alcohol use, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable members of our society.

Coolmine works with people who are vulnerable and marginalised with lived experience of trauma, mental health issues, homelessness and physical health issues. We see a prevalence of second and sometimes third generation families with addiction problems. Our work in providing addiction treatment services is also geared towards addiction recovery and identifying those who have “recovery capital” and those who have not, for support.

This annual report explains how Coolmine has performed in delivering quality services and people centered quality outcomes and explains in detail, how in 2022, in partnership with the HSE and with a risk-based approach, we expanded and developed new services and introduced improvements to existing programmes.

Following residential treatment, we saw achievements in clients entering employment, training and education and housing move on. Our social enterprise activities have shown positive results. TCD research has evidenced positive outcomes from our Parents Under Pressure programme. We provided stabilisation and day programmes across ten sites in in Cork, Kerry and Limerick. We reviewed our clinical governance structure and processes. We appointed a Clinical, Quality and Safety Manager at national level and restructured our Client Participation Forum giving clients a voice to discuss issues affecting them, for problem-solving, suggesting improvements and for information exchange. We continually reviewed our safeguarding controls to mitigate against the risk of harm to any child residing or visiting our services. Establishing a second mother and child residential treatment service in the Mid-West was a significant milestone.

From a board perspective, 2022 began with a deep dive into ensuring that the organisation understood and complied with the Charities Governance Code. Each board subcommittee had separate meetings to review their own terms of reference, followed by a special board meeting which addressed each of the six core principles and 49 standards of the Code and reviewed and approved current policies and procedures. Additionally, a special board meeting reviewed and approved the HSE’s Annual Compliance Statement. During 2022 the HSE also conducted an Internal Audit of Coolmine, with actions on recommendations being overseen by our Finance and our Audit & Risk sub committees.

Coolmine have systems and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our programme participants, to ensure internal controls are in place and to manage presenting risks. This involves oversight by our five board sub-committees: Clinical Quality & Safety, Finance, Audit & Risk, Research Advisory Group and Nomination, Evaluation & Governance Committees. We continue to be reviewed and accredited by the College Centre for Quality Improvement at the Royal College of Psychiatrists UK Community of Communities. To further advance effectiveness, we will outsource an internal audit function in 2023.

Recommendations for change resulting from external reviews commissioned in 2021 continued to be implemented in 2022. The learnings from “building a positive culture in times of growth, transition and change” will continue to be aligned across the entire organisation. The changes recommended following the commissioned review and evaluation of Board Effectiveness are almost complete and we will initiate a fresh review in the coming year. We added governance oversight to the role of our Nominations and Evaluation subcommittee.

Board succession planning is reviewed during the year to ensure that gaps in skills, knowledge and experience are constructively addressed. We were privileged to gain two new high calibre directors in 2022, John O’Sullivan and Paul Ledwidge. Director rotation remains a focus for us in the coming year.  

In this Annual Report, we summarise the extent to which we delivered on our 2019- 2022 Strategic Plan, as we now embark on identifying our strategic priority areas and goals for 2023-2026. We will continue to innovate, develop, and improve services, whilst being committed to addressing our environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.

On behalf of the Board, I want to acknowledge the work of all Coolmine staff whose commitment to our goals is making an enormous difference to the lives of so many people.

Thank you to all of our stakeholders, our funders, donors and strategic partners for their trust in us and for their continuing support and engagement with the work of Coolmine. Our heartfelt thanks to our corporate partners.

Thank you to board members who play a significant role and give considerable service, time, and expertise to Coolmine on a voluntary basis.

Our thanks to our Chief Executive Pauline McKeown who, during an exceptional period of growth and expansion has provided excellent leadership and vision

View our Annual Report 2022

Signed Financial Statements

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